My Passion

First, let me tell you a story

There once was a king who brought his royal messenger to a valley, and the valley was full of bones.

the king told his messenger to walk around all the bones, and the messenger saw that there were indeed many, and they were extremely dry.

The King then said “Do you think these bones can ever live again?” The Messenger knew the king was very wise and he said, “Oh my lord, you know.” Well the king then said, “Tell these bones that I will command breath to enter them, and muscles and tendons, and skin will cover them, and they will live!” As bizarre as that sounded, the messenger knew better than to argue with the king. He told the bones what the king had said, and then an amazing, impossible thing happened: the bones did grow muscles and tendons and skin covered them, and they began to breathe. They were alive! As regular humans are. Then the king said “This is how it will be with my people.”

What did you think of that story? Sounded like some weird movie, huh? Think of it as a parable. The bones lack substance, flexibility, protection, beauty, and life. Even though they had the bare components, the structure, they had nothing to hold it together. I actually abbreviated a longer story, but the principle is the same. This story seems to me to be a pretty good example of what’s going on in the world today. So many things have dried up, or they lack substance, or they’re unprotected. There’s just so much ugliness. where do you go to find hope? I believe there is only one source, one true source, of hope. Maybe you don’t believe that; maybe you feel you’re like those bones: dry, lifeless, or just a mess. That’s okay, I’ve been there. There is a way to live. As I continue this blog I’m going to present you with what I believe is the key to real living. But opening the door will be your choice. Today’s truth: There is hope.


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