The Quest: Part Two

Imagine blogger speaking like a game show host

Well folks, we will now be looking at Question Number Two! Which is: “Why am I here?”  We covered “Who am I?” Very briefly. Each of these questions builds off the others. Before we continue I want to make it clear that these questions may not be ones you’ve actually asked in words but ones you’ve sought the answer to through actions, books, vocations, and so on. “Why am I here?” It is surely obvious that God’s existence must be assumed if we are to even ask this question. The answer actually comes in two parts: a general and a particular part. Today I’ll be covering the general.

Firstly, we (read: you) are here to make the world a better place. As cliché as that sounds, notice that it is true of the majority of creatures. They all benefit the planet in some way, with the exception perhaps of parasites, everything contributes to balancing and beautifying life. We ourselves are given the ability to find use for, and the ability to find beauty in, every creation. As for parasites, I can’t speak for them all, but some I know of are redeemable. Weeds can grow flowers; some other plants, such as holly, can be used for decoration. I personally love the redemption story found in this. Of course food plants also have flowers. Carrots have flowers, which I didn’t know till we left one of ours in the ground too long; also onions (they look like spikey, fluff-ball fireworks). I’m one of those people who has to find meaning in everything; other people have to find beauty. It makes sense then, that our own purpose would be to beautify and better the world and each other. Of course it is diverse. Some flourish in the domestic: gardening, sewing, knitting, cooking, etc. Others in managing, teaching, inspiring. Whatever it is you do, if you want to do it well, try to benefit someone or something other than yourself.

Secondly: (These are not listed in order of importance or this would be first.) We are here because God wanted to make us. There is no other reason to create a creature with the ability to deny your existence than because you want to, and you want to out of love. Love already existed before man, which is why it does not come naturally from us and our own abilities (I refer to perfect love), but it can be a learned trait. Why make anything if you didn’t love it? I hope any artist reading will forgive me for this analogy: Painting is just a mixture of things, made into a mixture of colors, put onto paper. Which has no use. Aw, but it’s more than that you’ll say. yes it is, but only if you love to do it, and you love what you paint. Love wants to share the good it has more and more. Love sees a beautiful things while it’s alone and says “I wish my beloved were here.” (Nowadays that would be the most innocent reason behind taking a picture of it.)

Thirdly: To govern the earth. This is another part of that sharing business. Of course an all-knowing, almighty God, sharing dominion over the earth with human beings, is like letting a two year old pretend to drive a car; but the kid will have fun, and that is the point. God loves to make people happy, when it is not hurtful to them–people don’t always want what’s best for them.

In conclusion: There’s really no easy answer to Question Number Two, and other than what I just gave, the rest is up to the individual to seek out. I’ll be exploring it a little more in part four. Let me now how you’re enjoying The Quest series. I’m aiming for seven parts. Please keep in mind I’m only touching on each question, and what I’m really hoping is that you’ll be inspired to find out more yourself.


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