Time away

I won’t be posting for a few days because I’m going to a camp.

I like camps, they give you the opportunity to get out of your usual surroundings. In my case, to worship and learn and focus only on God related things. which sounds boring but it isn’t. Few things are more interesting and exciting to me than God-things. But every person needs time away from their routine. Sometimes our little worlds just seem so full of noise. And demands. And people who know us too well. Getting away from all that gives us a chance to expand, to find out things about ourselves we didn’t know before, to relax and remember the beautiful things in life. To stop focusing on our own lives and take a look at the big picture.

Sometimes you can’t afford to leave your house, but you can set aside a day for no work, no plans, just leisure time (or fun). It’s not selfish to rest if all that’s going on is the normal cares of life. Though it can be tough because the phone is sure to ring, you’re sure to remember a ton of things you should be doing, you may even feel lost with nothing to do. But persist and see how much it does for you.

So with that thought, I leave you to plan your day off.


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