And I’m back

I had a great time at camp.

Truly it was the best I ever went to, miraculous things happened right in front of me.

Things you couldn’t explain in the natural.

That may sound really creepy, but it isn’t, we’ve all had things in our lives that couldn’t be explained. It’s just part of living.

My perspective is no longer quite the same, my beliefs haven’t changed, I just believe it even more than before. That happens when you’re honestly convinced of a thing. (Like that you hate a certain type of music more each time you hear it.)

I have writings on some less talked on subjects that I want to post soon, I appreciate all the views by the way, I got a ton while I was gone. Don’t worry if you like my quest series because I plan to finish it. I might even start trying to upload images but I’m not sure how to do that so don’t hold your breath.

If anyone wants to know what the single most important thing I tool away from camp is, then I’ll try to sum it up:

It’s not impossible. Whether you think of your own private problems or of large scale ones involving other people, it is not impossible to solve it. Completely. You need the power that comes form Someone bigger than any problem.

I know that’s not very exciting sounding at first, but imagine every problem and trouble you have right now, what if you were just told the answer? Or what if it was just gone? That would be exciting


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