What does dangerous mean?

Who even asks that question. I do I guess. Maybe it’s because the world is a dangerous place to live and being passive and nice is not working out. There is republican candidate Donald Trump, now don’t anyone get excited. This is not a political post; I’m merely using Trump as an example of someone who seems aggressive and not so nice. Frankly I think that’s the reason he’s doing so well. Would I vote for him? Maybe not. But I admire his complete un-intimidated approach.  I don’t know what the dictionary would say, but my personal definition of dangerous would be anything that threatens to foil your plans. It hit me the other day that beauty is dangerous to someone who wishes to spread ugliness. Gentleness is dangerous to someone who wants to spread cruelty and harshness. Actually it is not strength that makes you dangerous, it’s power.

What is power? Just that. It’s the ability to do something. I may have the strength to write, but if my fingers hurt too much or my keyboard isn’t working I do not have the power. You can have the strength to lift the weight of a pencil but if you have a paralyzed hand you don’t have the power. A machine may be strong enough to operate tasks that a man could not, but if it’s not plugged into the power it is useless.

When it comes to power men and women have it different. Men often possess the more obvious power. Physical strength, survival skills, technical know-how. Women have the unsung powers because they have the subtle ones. Mothering skills, craftiness, the ability to beautify life. There are shared traits between genders, but there are traits and there are strengths; and there are powers.

Back to the subject of danger. There is a bad kind of danger. But we need to stop being afraid of danger. To fear danger is eventually to fear yourself, because you can’t help being dangerous. The only thing you can choose is who you’ll be dangerous to. That’s my thoughts for now, watch out for my coming posts–Natasha


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