Inside out

No, this is not about the Disney/Pixar movie.

What I’m thinking about this post is primarily how people are hoping to fix things by putting them under new leadership.

Of course we all immediately think of elections and politics, but, for a moment, let’s ask ourselves how often we turn to other people to solve problems.

But I’m not suggesting we try to solve every problem ourselves; I’m not suggesting we even try to solve any until we’ve asked ourselves some tough questions. Like:

How do I live in a way that is not adding to my problems?

Am I one of the people who does the things I accuse others of doing?

Do I handle pressure well?

Do I myself know what the solution is?

Am I a good person?

Really? I notice that people are far less likely to deal with problems that are awkward, problems not quite socially safe to tackle.

In these elections I hear next to nothing about abortion or other moral issues. I hear very little at churches, or on the news. There is no doubt in my mind that it is a terrible thing to allow the practice, and many other practices such as sex trafficking, to continue with little resistance anywhere.

The hard truth is, until we can turn from our inward sins, we cannot help our outward failings. This go for individual people also.

We can’t even agree about the problems that do exist. It’s all based on opinion, when clearly that’s not working. Have people ever been more confused than they are now? In America have we ever been less knowledgeable about real solutions?

Why are we so afraid of it? Is it because we’re comfortable? We’ve been brainwashed by media sources to think the end of the world will come soon, and it’s every man for himself. Yet, instead of turning our attention to what really matters, we escape from it. I’m not about living in fear; I’m not even saying not to try to enjoy life, but to enjoy it the right way.

Enjoyment is not a waste of time. But to spend a single hour without having one productive thought is. To not do a single unselfish thing in a day. To shirk every responsibility. To turn off the news but not turn on our brain. To read a post but not read a book. To emoticon a test, but not smile at our family. To send hugs and kisses but to never give them. This is called living in an unreality. If you can write an essay about something you’ll forget about in a month, can you write a letter to someone whom you’ll still be aware of in a decade? Because when we take the time to know what’s around us we just might see an opportunity to improve something. But it will have to be all of us. Or in the end, it will be none of us who are better off.

I have a post planned in which I’ll dive into a story that  will cover just such an idea. Until next time–Natasha.


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