If you clicked on this then you’ve been there.

You put so much effort into something, and you still don’t get what you wanted. Your attempts are frustrated. Then you are frustrated.

This song rings a bell:

I can hold my breath. I can bite my tongue. I can stay away for days if that’s what you want. be your number one. I can force a smile, I can fake a laugh, I can dance and play the part if that’s what you ask. Give you all I have. I can do it, I can do it, I’ll get through it. But I’m only human, and I bleed when I fall down, cause I’m only human, and I crash and I break down…I can turn it on, be a good machine. I can hold the weight of the world if that’s what you need, be your everything.

Am I speaking to anyone? But far be it from me to complain. Seriously, complaining is a waste of time. I’m not above talking about my irritations though. you ever have someone use your age to judge you? You’re too old to feel this way, too young to know what’s right. Too inexperienced, or too jaded by experience.

Well someone once said to me that you’re never too young too hurt. I’d add that you’re never too old to cry. And you can get discouraged, frustrated, no matter what your age is.

What helps me get over it is pretty simple. Three main things.

  1. I have to talk about it, I’m a verbal processor. Once I go over it a few times, I fell more releases.
  2. I pray. It works.
  3. I need to laugh. I need to take my mind off it.

So, that’s how it goes. I can’t say I have very deep thoughts about what causes frustration. I guess it’s not having things be ideal. Or not having them even be right. You can take a little imperfection usually, but when it’s one thing after another…But there’s always an end to  it eventually. there’s always a bright side. I only say it because its true.

Natasha-signing off.


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