Standing on the shoulders of Giants: part 2

Well my last post already has a couple likes, which is exciting for me.

Now here’s an interesting thought: When do you know if you’re great?

Is it when people like your posts? Follow you on social media? Recognize you in public places?

If you have any conception of what’s real, I’m sure you know none of those mean anything when it comes to greatness.

My mom mentioned going to a conference (or was it a retreat?) where they talked about finding the greatness in yourself. At first glance that seems pointless and stuck up.

Shakespeare said that some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have it thrust upon them. (Twelfth Night.) The question is, is that true?

It is true that some poeple are born with very strong qualities that inspire others, that prod them (the person) on to greatness. Someone might be born with a strong sense of justice, compassion, loyalty, or the desire for personal excellance. Someone might be born with curiosity, instinct, the ability to learn quickly in a variety of ways, or great talent in an art like music.

And some people become inspired to seek greatness, and work for it so hard they acheive it, most likely never knowing they have.

And some people never aspire to be anything spectacular, but find themselves positioned in life to play a role in writing history.

And we’ve probably all heard that every life counts, all of us are a part of history, and that is true.

Greatness is more than just not wanting to be mediocre. Greatness is more than hard work. You have to choose to pursue greatness, or it will not last.

Here’s a question: Will my choice to pursue greatness gurantee I acheive it? and will it change the world around me?

Nobody can actually change the whole world at once. Unless you could personally touch the lives of every person in it. But you can change it in a small way. Small doesn’t sound like enough. But big change is really the accumulation of many little changes and choices. Like a visable chemical reaction is billions of little micro reactions coming together.

So what makes a choice Great?

I think the truth of the matter is the reason you choose something. Greatness is a matter of the heart just like everything worth posessing is. Because you can pursue goals that seem noble; like peace, or helping the less fortunate, or making an impact in society; and do it for the wrong reasons.

You know you’re great when you’ve stopped caring about being great, and instead care more about what’s important. Maybe the great secret to life is finding out what’s really important, and then fighting to keep it. I don’t know if it’s okay to think you’re great, I don’t have that wisdom. But I know Great things are worth pursueing.

Until next post–Natasha.




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