First step

So, just a short little tidbit today.

This was the day I got behind the wheel of a car and drove for the first time.



It won’t be too long now before I get my license, and I waited an extra amount of time to be ready.

I can just say that it’s better to wait until you’re ready to do something. Forget the average age, and if you’re ready early, fine; if you’re ready late, that’s also fine. Not that I’m talking about doing anything illegal.

And then you just take the first step and keep going.

Whether it seems like a big deal or not, I’m a little bit closer to a lot more freedom. I think that’s a principle of life. Every little thing we do right puts us a little closer to freedom. Whether it’s choosing not to binge (last post) choosing to study that extra hour, choosing to out in a little more effort at work, we always want more personal responsibility, because that’s what’s fulfilling. (In the area of what you do.)

U100_1577ntil Next Post–Natasha.


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