Ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

I reviewed Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day a while back (I think.) I know I’ve mentioned the song from the movie before. The line “It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do…that’s what gets results.” Is the only one in the song.

I think it;s supposed to be the theme of the movie. And event hough it could justify things in the film that aren’t a good idea, like sleeping your way to the top; living a hectice and unstable lifestyle; drinking way too much on an empty stomach; and modeling lingerie. (I think it’s a bad idea anyway.) I think the line sums up what Miss Pettigrew herself shows us.

She poses as life assistant (or something like that) for Miss La Fosse. Even though she doesn’t know a thing about it (neither as it turns out does Miss La Fosse.) But as the film goes on, Miss Pettigrew rises to every occasion that is presented to her, surpassing her own expectations several times. The point is not what she’s doing, assisting Miss La Fosse, but the way that she does it. Helping her to turn her life the right way around. (Which is why I prefer the movie to the book in this case.)

I got to thinking about how many things are considered wrong to do except in special circumstances. Killing is wrong, except in war or self defense (depending on your worldview. But everyone agrees killing in cold blood is wrong.) Stealing is wrong…unless it’s in war or an act to protect someone else or in a criminal investigation.

Lying is wrong, unless it’s to save someone’s life.

Of course people differ on this, in the Bible it can be kind of depending on the person. David lied and so did other people on his behalf, we have no record of how God felt about this, but it would seem that He views it more leniently…But I’m not an authority on that, so don’t take my word as the final one.

My point it, it the way that these things are done, they why and the how that change them from bad to good.

But morally grey areas are only a small part of what this means.

I’ve noticed in life that people succeed and fail in different fields mainly because they do things a certain way. Not that everyone has to function like a machine, there is no formula for how you do things, but there is a factor to doing them well: Passion.

I seem to get good results whenever I put my mind to something, and I figure that this is because When I make up my mind to do it, I do it with my vim and vigor.

And other people who approach everything they do with that attitude make anything from street sweeping to hairdressing an art form.

I listened to the radio show Adventures in Odyssey a lot  over the last few years, and One of my favorite characters was Wooten, the mail man (and secret billionaire.) Who makes delivering mail into an art form. Wooten gets to know everyone on his route and is always helping them wherever he can, and asking about their families. So being a mailman isn’t that glamorous, but the way Wooten does it warms your heart.

Anything can be special if you make it special, if you get the most out of it. Anything can be impactful if your goal is to impact. True passion is always something other people pick up on. And it certainly makes your life more rewarding to you.

Till next time–Natasha.


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